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5 Reasons Why It is Impossible To See Online Gambling As A Steady Source Of Income

Even though it may seem like every gambler’s dream, online gambling can never be seen as a source of income. Given below are a few reasons why:

The House Always Wins

This is not a myth that people say to dissuade gamblers from continuing down that road: it is a proven fact. The house edge is the mathematical advantage that the casino has over the player when playing a game. While table games have less of a house edge than online games (since they cannot be programmed into the game), the house edge can increase over time and make you lose a lot of money. The house edge may vary from game to game and from casino to casino, but they are still going to bring you losses eventually.

100% RTPs Do Not Exist

In some rare circumstances, traditional land-based brick and mortar casinos feature games with a return-to-player (RTP) percentage of 100%. This is extremely advantageous to the player because it means that they virtually incur zero losses while betting. However, such an option does not exist when it comes to online gambling. There are, of course, extremely rare occurrences of people discovering glitches in the game that helped them win a great deal of money, but those are virtually non-existent too.

Online Gambling

Strategy No Longer Works

Unlike in the case of table games, where it is possible to use strategy to win games, online gamblers do not get this luxury. Even though you can essentially use the same strategy you would use for table games such as blackjack on online blackjack games, there is no guarantee that it would work, or even if they ever will.

Bonuses Do Not Overcome The House Advantage

Today, almost every online casino offers bonuses. Online casinos have realized that bonuses are absolutely vital to staying competitive in the market. Some sites provide deals worth thousands of dollars when people first sign up on the website and make a deposit. These deals seem especially attractive if they have low playthrough, or rollover as it called in casino lingo. Playthrough refers to how much is needed to wager before a bonus is officially won. It is essential to see if you get lower rollovers to get the cash as quickly as possible. You can also combine a bonus with a low rollover and a high-paying online casino game for maximum profit. For example, if you are playing an online blackjack game with 99.5% RTP or higher, you will stand a chance to theoretically earn profits with a solid deal, keyword being theoretically.

Advantage Play Cannot Be Used

Online Gambling

Advantage play is a type of strategy that gives the players an edge over the casino. Advantage play includes shuffle tracking, dice control and the most famous of all, card counting. However, such techniques cannot be used in online casinos because no human error can account for a profit.

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